The CPCB has drafted new rules and regulation in 2016 to keep e-wastes in check and eradicate them as much as possible. New rules include proper methods and safety instructions for carrying out the operation of E-waste management. The extended producer responsibility under this says all manufacturers have to take individual responsibility for the proper disposal of the products post reaching the end of life stage. We at Virogreen provide all types of waste recycling services in Chennai as well as other part of the countries.

Our services

E-waste management

We take care all of your electrical and electronic waste on our behalf, from the point of pickup to the point of recycling and disposal.

Plastic recycling

We also deal with plastic recycling services. Plastic is a non-bio degradable product, and we at Virogreen recycles plastics at an optimum scale and convert them into resalable goods and raw materials for remanufacturing purpose.

Data erasure and data destruction

Improper disposal of data can lead to leakage of your classified information such as client database, email id and passwords, contact numbers, credit card details etc. Therefore, Virogreen can gurad your sensitive company data by securely erasing the data before disposing them off. The end process is always test proved for better assurance.


Long chain of service lines for your organization


we collect all your e-waste from established pickup points, dealers, distributors and retailers on our behalf.


The storage facility is well constructed according to the CPCB instructed safety standards. It involves segregating the products into different categories such as mercury and lead-based products are stored into different storage units other than conventional metals.


This process involves our skilled labor to dismantle the products and then again segregate them. The components that can be recycled goes to recycling section, and rest are sent for disposal.

Extraction and Disposal

With our cutting edge technology, we extract all the precious metals such as silver, gold and aluminum for future use. We also recycle components for resale purpose and parts that can be utilized as raw materials in remanufacturing. At last, those which have high toxicity levels and are not ideal for recovering go into secure disposal. The process ensures a safe practice under CPCB guidelines thus helps your organization in getting recognized as an active environmentalist.


Advantages of partnering with us

  • Strict adherence to government standards and regulations
  • Save money by Optimum extraction of precious metals and raw materials
  • Improved brand image by associating with eco-friendly lifestyle
  • One roof solutions
  • Timely completion of service
  • 24X7 assistance service for all queries and doubts regarding e-waste management
  • Team of skilled workers
  • Lower service price than other competitors
  • Complete solutions at your doorstep

We are in to business since 2002 and with our immense experience can promise you exceptional electrical as well as waste recycling services in Chennai.If you have any doubt or queries, kindly consult us in our helpline number or mail us.